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Herbes de Provence Roasted Potatoes

The Allergen Free Kitchen

Trying to figure out which dishes to serve at large dinners and holidays can be exhausting. There are many allergens and diets to accomodate. This dish can cover many.

We have you covered!

Where to use this dish

-- As a side for dinner

-- Instead of hash browns for brunch

"It pairs well with our steaks or a burger for dinner or in place of hash browns at Brunch."

Ingredients to Make Herb Roasted Potatoes

01 Tri-coloured nugget potatoes

02 Olive oil

03 Herbes de Provence

04 Salt and Pepper

05 Garlic

The key to this dish

Cutting the gem potatoes in uniformly sized pieces is the most important element of this recipe. This means they will not burn.

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